Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Do Women worry more?

Women and worry,made for each other? Does it hav somthing to do with the way they are naturally wired? 

Women tend to get more anxious and tense about things.On the contrary men dnt let emotions override evrythingelse.They would ideally look at resolving a problem.Only if the issues are serious thy tend to worry.For women,concerns are momentry.

Women usually worry about small things.Especially worried about others.Two tendencies in women at work place is seen common.Firstly, they are relatively more committed.Secondly,they worry mre about potential uncertainties.At tyms these traits are displayed at home too :).

Every women is supposed to keep in mind is tat worry does tend to leave its trial to other problems.Worry makes women worse wid all sort of stuffs lyk tension,BP,heart rate goes up.. tis predisposes them to many disorders.When thy develope one of these risk factors,tis negates the natural protections too.Men on the other hand who dono how to ventilate,thy supress their feelings & at tyms destress by either smoking or drinking.

So  Women has da power to keep the family in a healthy way. Women Should be in control of their feelings,should become emotionally intelligent, should learn coping mechanisms, should take care of themselfs.


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