Monday, June 8, 2009

luv u my dear bloggers...

Creating a blog is a simple step but making ppl to follow their blog matters..uffff..its not as easy as i thought.. am not a good writer,though i luv reading.. making ppl to read is not so easy,it needs all sort off tic tacs to stay connected with..

Am quite impressed with some blogs,wordpress created by my frds,i love to read always..,

Abiii..the grl i wonder the most in these days.... i go speechless when i start reading her writing,the way she used to express herself,the phrases she use,oh my god!! .. my first inspiration to get into such a u a loads dear :)

ma second inspiration.. good photographer,becoming a better one too,get to knw whn we see her clips in her blog,luv u too dear :)

both of u grls make me to feel crazy....i luv to be soo..:)



  1. sweets!! when u start blogging, when u update it, drop a mail or a scrap so that readers will know :o i just saw ya blog updated tag in gchat and this is the first time am reading urs :o.. anyways will read it regularly from now on.. and thanks a lot n love u loads too :).. nalla advertisement enakku ;) :P

  2. will do abi and u r most welcme dear :)