Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Eyes..the best feature

Eyes are the best part in our human body,y soo??

'Eyes are the one which reflects our deep emotions to others in no time'. Wateva we feel can be expressed by our eyes,tats y ppl used to hav eye contacts while talking. 

The only part which gives reall beauty to our face,eventhough we dnt bliss smile. How many expression its been able to give!!! joy,sorrow,curious,anger,cunning,hope,love,wat not!!! Eyes hav their own way of expressing the conditions of our lyf...:)

As we are gifted with such a wonderful part,y dont we try to make it as a immortal one by a very simple process to see the world forever,which is been filled up with thrilled,colourful lyf??

Just simple...Please DONATE YOUR EYES :) 

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