Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Love you..

Am I in love!!

Yes,ofcourse I'm... :)

i luv the way when u care me lyk heaven,when u love me more than anyone in tis world,when u hug me wid loads of luv,when u encourage me,when u protect me,when u fight against the whole world for me,when u advice me in ur own way of style which i lyk,when u feed me still now,when u make me to feel comfortable,when ur nights go sleepless if i cry...

wat to say and wat to leave??u didn even except a single thing frm me,but u spent and spending ur lyf for me.. am wordless to express my feelings towards u.. 

All i can say is"I LOVE YOU"... u made me to feel happy and great in all the ways :)

u r the one who can't be replaced by anyone at any cost.. want to be wid u for ever and ever...

Yes maa,u  r the one and only one,whom i love the most... 


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