Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Proud to be 1st benchers... :)

Every one heared of all last benchers at collg or school wateva it may be and the things what they used to do. But its really not so as we used to think.All last benchers are at dumps and all the first benchers are not toppers.

Being in 1st bench is more fun than being at last u knw... I was one of the 1st bench student... even staffs wont look at us... and we ppl used to try all sort off things at class rooms... chatting while taking notes,eating cum sleeping during OHP classes,greatest comedy happens while playing secret frd when the chits flies from 1st bench to the last .. as we were selfish grls,we dont include boys in our game;).. when the grl does something as her secret frd said while the staff is facing the blackboard.. all the boys start blinking wat the particular grl was doing and there the staff goes... staff will start teasing guys indirectly and we start laughing... genuine guys thy never revealed anything to staffs i hope :).....  the only thing we didn tried is dancing when the class was gng on.. :)

Even we had all fundass....

Proud to say tat,am a 1st bench student..:)


  1. ha ha super!! :) enjoy panna pola!!