Monday, August 31, 2009

Just for lyf...

If u dont believe in urself,chances are tat nobody else will either.

My hopes are not always realized,but i always hope.

The tallest blade of Grass is the 1st to be cut by the lawnmower.

It could be tat the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others.

If u cant learn to do something well,learn to enjoy doing it poorly.

Keep your head and heart in the right direction and you'll never have to worry abt ur feet.

For every winner,there are dozens of losers,odds are you are one of them.

If at first you dont succeed,failure may be your style.

Quitters never win,Winners never quit,but those who Never Win and Never Quit are idiots.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hostel days...

It has been a year since i miss my hostel days. A grl who has been in nother world for past four years. A world with full of happiness,joy,giggles,sorrows,misunderstanding,small quarrrels,fights,dance,anthakshari,all kinda sit chats at nyt tyms,nyt walks,al kinda devil stories,hostel outings and shouting which iritates the bus driver,our whistles and galattas on saturday nyt OAT movies which iritates the guys at boys hostel ;),study hour comedies,fighting wid hostel staffs, quarrels with warden for food stuffs,throwing stones on watchman at mid nyt while he is sleeping,fundass has no limits..all sort off b'day,christmas,batch day,karthigai deepam,new year,hostel day celebrations made a gud bond with one and all. 

Nancy, the one who never made me to feel alone until i left the hostel. A vry gud strick frd(teacher :) ),who wants me to be perfect in my collg days,though u left the hostel in the mid of third year. We were not alone gud frds,our family too.I should be vry thankful for you nanz. Uncle(nanz father) the one who used to call me as his adopted daughter,a lovely man. Who made me to forget abt my father at tyms while i stayed far away frm my parents,u owe mre than thanks uncle. wheneva u come to visit us on visitors day,am mre excited than nanz ..not for the food which made my tummy full but for the converstion. When u spend tym for me uncle.when u say to nanz "inga paaru nancy iva yae ponnu,nalla pathuko'.. whn u take me to canteen with compulsion and says "vaada,vanthu yenna vaenumo vaagiko,next tym yeppo varuvaenu solla mudiyathu",u never left me until i get a juice atleast. Nothing worths before ur love towards me uncle. U make my eyes go wet whneva i start thinking of u uncle(..sorry sorry...father :) ). 

Room no 105,the most meaningful days of lyf when we spent the final year(6 months of tym peroid wid my close ones,though tis was not my room which is been alloted for me) in tis room. Sharmi,suji,bhauvaneswari,jaya u ppl made my lyf much more beautiful withn a short period of tym,eventhough we knw rt frm the beginning vry well. Bhuva,u r the one a sentimental grl who at tyms make us not alone to laugh until our tummy hurts even to cry,as u did while vacating the hostel :). Jaya,easy go grl,the one i love to tease a lot,wateva the topic may be,u will be my target atlast. rt jaya?(sorry for tat:) ).

Sharmi & Suji not alone best buddies at hostel,at collg too. My classmates,my benchmates,my blah blah blah :)..  these ppl are really gr8 for tolerating all my blabbers,giggles,fights,teases,iritations for over a non-stop period of 3 nd half years..staying wid ur family members too wid love,care,affection made my days the best one.luv u grls :)

Latha periyamma.How can i forget u periyamma!! Who calls weekly twice to visit the quaters,when i feel uncomfortable.who compels me to come for lunch,who serve my favourite spicy hot bhajji at eveng whneva i come to see u,who took care of me whn i was sick for a few couple of days,who asks the strict periyappa(The Bio-tech HOD cum director of our colg :( ) when i need things which i couldn get it. By gods grace u were there untill my four yrs of course completion. Thanks alot p'ma..luv u :)

Hostel days does teach us things. A better lesson at tyms. Evry1 owe to be mrethn thankful. 


Eyes..the best feature

Eyes are the best part in our human body,y soo??

'Eyes are the one which reflects our deep emotions to others in no time'. Wateva we feel can be expressed by our eyes,tats y ppl used to hav eye contacts while talking. 

The only part which gives reall beauty to our face,eventhough we dnt bliss smile. How many expression its been able to give!!! joy,sorrow,curious,anger,cunning,hope,love,wat not!!! Eyes hav their own way of expressing the conditions of our lyf...:)

As we are gifted with such a wonderful part,y dont we try to make it as a immortal one by a very simple process to see the world forever,which is been filled up with thrilled,colourful lyf??

Just simple...Please DONATE YOUR EYES :) 

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Proud to be 1st benchers... :)

Every one heared of all last benchers at collg or school wateva it may be and the things what they used to do. But its really not so as we used to think.All last benchers are at dumps and all the first benchers are not toppers.

Being in 1st bench is more fun than being at last u knw... I was one of the 1st bench student... even staffs wont look at us... and we ppl used to try all sort off things at class rooms... chatting while taking notes,eating cum sleeping during OHP classes,greatest comedy happens while playing secret frd when the chits flies from 1st bench to the last .. as we were selfish grls,we dont include boys in our game;).. when the grl does something as her secret frd said while the staff is facing the blackboard.. all the boys start blinking wat the particular grl was doing and there the staff goes... staff will start teasing guys indirectly and we start laughing... genuine guys thy never revealed anything to staffs i hope :).....  the only thing we didn tried is dancing when the class was gng on.. :)

Even we had all fundass....

Proud to say tat,am a 1st bench student..:)

Love you..

Am I in love!!

Yes,ofcourse I'm... :)

i luv the way when u care me lyk heaven,when u love me more than anyone in tis world,when u hug me wid loads of luv,when u encourage me,when u protect me,when u fight against the whole world for me,when u advice me in ur own way of style which i lyk,when u feed me still now,when u make me to feel comfortable,when ur nights go sleepless if i cry...

wat to say and wat to leave??u didn even except a single thing frm me,but u spent and spending ur lyf for me.. am wordless to express my feelings towards u.. 

All i can say is"I LOVE YOU"... u made me to feel happy and great in all the ways :)

u r the one who can't be replaced by anyone at any cost.. want to be wid u for ever and ever...

Yes maa,u  r the one and only one,whom i love the most... 


Monday, June 8, 2009

luv u my dear bloggers...

Creating a blog is a simple step but making ppl to follow their blog matters..uffff..its not as easy as i thought.. am not a good writer,though i luv reading.. making ppl to read is not so easy,it needs all sort off tic tacs to stay connected with..

Am quite impressed with some blogs,wordpress created by my frds,i love to read always..,

Abiii..the grl i wonder the most in these days.... i go speechless when i start reading her writing,the way she used to express herself,the phrases she use,oh my god!! .. my first inspiration to get into such a u a loads dear :)

ma second inspiration.. good photographer,becoming a better one too,get to knw whn we see her clips in her blog,luv u too dear :)

both of u grls make me to feel crazy....i luv to be soo..:)


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Do Women worry more?

Women and worry,made for each other? Does it hav somthing to do with the way they are naturally wired? 

Women tend to get more anxious and tense about things.On the contrary men dnt let emotions override evrythingelse.They would ideally look at resolving a problem.Only if the issues are serious thy tend to worry.For women,concerns are momentry.

Women usually worry about small things.Especially worried about others.Two tendencies in women at work place is seen common.Firstly, they are relatively more committed.Secondly,they worry mre about potential uncertainties.At tyms these traits are displayed at home too :).

Every women is supposed to keep in mind is tat worry does tend to leave its trial to other problems.Worry makes women worse wid all sort of stuffs lyk tension,BP,heart rate goes up.. tis predisposes them to many disorders.When thy develope one of these risk factors,tis negates the natural protections too.Men on the other hand who dono how to ventilate,thy supress their feelings & at tyms destress by either smoking or drinking.

So  Women has da power to keep the family in a healthy way. Women Should be in control of their feelings,should become emotionally intelligent, should learn coping mechanisms, should take care of themselfs.


lyf is soo beautiful,bliss lyf wid cute smile :)

We come across many ppl in our lyf.. everyone hav their unique characters wid unique way of smile :)..lyk gorgeous ,formal,typical,winner,loser,lazy,dim-wattage smiles.

Wateva it may be however it may be evryone used to smile at times either thy are in joy or sorrow... the easiest thing to make a person happy is just through blissing a smile at them... athukaaga kamal Hassan sonna mathiri "kattipidi vaithiyam" yellam yelarkum work out aagathae :)

How critical da situation may be,when a cute chubby kid wid naughty face blisses  at u..can u able to turn ur face around? no one can do it ofcourse...!!! :)

I used to try,it works too :).whn a kid cries,whn dad comes to home wid office pressure,mom wid all fundass ;),whn we say thanks to a server wid smile, whn neighbourhood aunty comes wid all her furious face after scolding his son :),whn munna comes wid crying face.,an old man who passesby while a walk,a little kid who dashes and says "am sorry didi"..da best thing is all those ppl smile at me back even though thy hav all sort of emotions in their heart. 

Lyf is soo sort,so try to smile each and every sec as per as possible :).. who knows even problems may afraid off u!! hope soo!! :)

"Smile at each other, smile at your wife, smile at your husband, smile atyour children, smile at each other—it doesn't matter who it is—and that will help you to grow up in greater love for each other."-Mother Teresa


The Phoenix is a mythical bird wid a colourful plumage and a tail of gold and scarlet. It has a 500 to 1,000 year life-cycle.. near the end of which it builds itself a nest of myrrh twigs tat then ignites..both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix or phoenix egg arises, reborn anew to live again as its shown in Harry potter II, i hope :). The new phoenix is destined to live as long as its old self. The new phoenix embalms the ashes of its old self in an egg made of myrrh. The bird was also said to regenerate when hurt or wounded by a foe, thus being immortal and invincible ,it is also said that it can heal a person wid a tear from its eyes and make them temporarily immune to death. The phoenix is a symbol of fire and divinity.